Sun Moon University

Sunmoon University


I. About Sun Moon University

1. 10,000 students are currently enrolled in Undergraduate Course

– Located in Asan, ChungCheong-do (1 hour away from Seoul)

2. Selected for IEQAS

– International Education Quality Assurance System -> By Korean Government!


– Officially acknowledged for international students’ management skills and education

3. International Student Status –1,009 students from 79 countries(as of 2014.4.1)

– Flexible Education System for Various International Students
– Professional Adviser for International Students

4. Total Number of Foreign Students – 1st in Korea, 13th in Asia(2009,2010)

5. Global  Vice  Presidents  Policy

–  40  people  from  40  countries  are  appointed  as  Global  Vice  Presidents

– Former Official of Indonesia’s Ministry of Education is currently acting as Sun Moon’s University Global Vice President

6.  Chosen  for  3  large-scale  government  projects  in  2014

–  Received  annual  grants  of  approx.  \70  billion  from  Korean  Government

7.  A  university  with  good  job  prospects

– More than 10,000 students Employment rate 4th in the nation
– 1st in Chungcheong province

II. Special  Scholarships  for  Indonesian  Students

A. Students recommended by local language institute : Provision of 1/2 of the airfare for students recommended by language institute that is networked with Sun Moon University. However, the sum will only be returned after student is enrolled in Sun Moon University’s undergraduate course (Approx. 400,000 KRW)

B. Friendly cooperation with Indonesian universities scholarship : In instance where 10 or more students are enrolled in Sun Moon University from the universities involved in this friendly cooperation, first semester enrollment fees and dormitory fees are exempted for the most excellent student (based on final grades at
university in Indonesia). Terms on scholarships for foreign students would then subsequently be applied.

C. Scholarship for students with excellent TOPIK results : Students with TOPIK level 5 or higher are provided with additional 1 million KRW scholarship (only once at point of enrollment in undergraduate course)

D. Others would be in accordance with terms on scholarships for foreign students.

*download file tentang Sunmoon University : DISINI

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